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Skins map mod guns mc pe

Sviluppatore Qbot Industries

We are glad to introduce our collection of free skins for minecraft pe and mod a guns for mc pe.The application skins Americans and Russian.The presidents of the two most powerful countries and a lot of the characters associated with America and Russia.Skins Obama and Putin will help you stand out from the crowd on the online servers minecraft pe.And the other characters betray your friends flavor of a country.New mod guns for mc pe.This is a super, this you have not seen.It adds to your game 64 units of guns.Grenades, pistols, machine guns, bazookas !!!!This mod weapons for minecraft pe 0.13.Your house in the mc pe are released.Set on its structure flag of the state.The application of more than 20 banners with the flags of the world.Map as a supplement where you can use our skins + mod weapons to arrange the battle of the peoples of the world minecraft pe.EVERYTHING IS FREE!!! Downloadable game !!!